Sunday, June 17, 2012

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I originally wrote this for my dad 6/18/06:
...for those to whom it applies.

Then again, we all had dads. If you are still able to do so, don't forget to call him today.

My conversations with my dad on Father's Day (and most other phone calls) went something like this:
"Hi, Dad. Happy Father's Day!"
"Hello. How are you?"
"Fine. How about you?"
"Fine. Job going ok?"
"Yes. [Some blah blah about work, or whatever] How are you feeling, really?"
"Nothing to worry about. [A short dissertation of his current projects, or complaints about food he's not allowed to eat]"
"Mom ok?"
"Sure. You want to talk to her?"
"Are we done?"
"Yep. Here's Mom."
If Mom wasn't home, after our short discussion, Dad would invariably say, "Well, I don't want to run up your phone bill, so we should say goodbye." Our calls never, ever, EVER, lasted more than 5 minutes, unless I was melting down about something. He'd stay on a little longer then, but eventually he'd shove me off on Mom to finish the Bolstering Up of the Freaked-Out One.

I really miss our short talks.
I've missed him and our weird conversations now for 17.5 years.

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amy said...

Doesn't seem weird to me at all. Sounds familiar.


Cat. said...


Jen S said...

Both your Dad and mine. I also miss the short conversations before the hand-off to Mom...
I do find myself looking up at the sky and thinking things like "Do you see your grand-son riding his bike without the training wheels - isn't he awesome?" a lot these days. Even though I miss him lots - I think it is mostly the fact that JT will miss out on knowing him.
Hugs all around! (now where did i put the tissues! :)

Cat. said...

Jen, your dad was awesome; I miss him too!

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