Saturday, February 23, 2013

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I'm sitting here with one of the guinea pigs--Pinto, if you're keeping score--who was staring at the computer screen until I clicked on "New Post." Then he did a neat little somersault and is now facing my armpit with his
Pinto's eye
butt toward the computer, sniffing the air and debating making a run for it. I decided after he bit Beast's ear two weeks ago and tried to bite his stomach last week that the little Bean needs more socialization. I also just noticed he has eyebrow: three very long hairs over each eye. He also knows I'm talking about him: he just turned around to look at the computer. Since I haven't posted that picture yet, he turned around again. And back: now he knows I'm about to do it.

I'm feeling the need of a little silliness of this sort anyway because this week at work was seemingly nonstop insanity. We had:
  • A creepy, staring-at-me guy while I was staffing the Reference Desk, to point of turning around as he walked toward the door. No, there was no food on my face--I checked multiple times.
  • A knock-down, kick-down fistfight in the front parking lot, captured in lo-fidelity on our security camera a mere 5 minutes after a city cop had done a walk-through. One of the guys is one of our regulars who has had some issues in the past; never with us, but he seems to attract trouble. He was NOT the kickee, however.
  • General crazy-busy periods followed by too-short calms seem to be the rule of the week.
  • The realization that when I'm the only librarian in the building a) I'm in charge here, and b) I'm all alone in the back of the library at Reference with a lot of strange people.
  • Magic: The Gathering. Really? People still play that? That started almost 25 years ago! And, STFU with your nerdiness, yo. You guys are even annoying the homeless people!
  • The prototypical mom arriving at closing time for resources for her kid's paper, due tomorrow.  This did happen a lot more pre-Internet, but it never ceases to be amazing. Also, we have virtually nothing on Mount Kilimanjaro!
  • Someone calling to ask if she should take the medication she just realized is moldy and whether it could've caused the rash she's has for a week. Seriously? Why not ask your doctor? She has an appointment today, but she wanted affirmation after both her pharmacy and the FDA (!! yes truly) were not nice to her.
  • Cold temperatures outside leading to cold temperatures in the children's department, and a ceiling tile falling (overnight, thank God) to the floor; I ended up wearing fingerless gloves every time I was in there this week...which was a lot.
[OW! Dammit, Pinto, my finger is not edible, nor is my engagement ring!!]
  • Someone calling to complain about an employee to the director.
  • Horrific smell, probably a light ballast, for an hour in the children's room.
  • ...and two older teens--male and female--in one of the public restrooms together alone for about a half an hour. Again, the security camera watched them canoodling just out of sight for a bit before they head down the hall to the restroom at 3:56; a patron came and got a staff member who 'interrupted' them at 4:30.
As to that last one, we don't know they were having sex, but based on the patron's comments and common sense, what else would they be in their together mak [Pinto on the keyboard: vgbjkbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbn         ] er, making the sorts of noises they were making? Mind you, this bathroom is probably 15 feet from the locale of the [Pinto again: mkkkuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuujkyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhhh,l.009]O] [and then he shut down the browser; thank God Blogger saves regularly now] previous incident of library inappropriateness.

Pinto is going back home now. He just bit the knuckle on my pinkie.

So, yeah, weird week. Also, Miss W has started to whine about the new director. Technically, I've been a little nonplussed by the lack of one-on-one communication to date as well, so it's good to have some confirmation of my feelings. Still, it's better than having someone show up every-goddamn-day by my desk asking how I'm doing. Especially since I haven't been doing much cataloging of late--no one ordered books in December and I've essentially been caught up since about mid-January. Lots of cleanup going on.

Outside of work, meh, not much going on. It's cold, as I mentioned above; I gave up memes for Lent; my former Fat Pants are too small; I spend too much time online overall, and not enough time reading; Beast is traveling a lot again.

New stuff: I love Spotify! And I've faded out bigtime on Goodreads, probably due to my lack of reading. And the Oscars are tomorrow night, after an afternoon of (yup) work.

Time to go to the grocery store. Or not.

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