Monday, May 25, 2015

Family day

Prior to the arrival of the visitors, someone fell asleep on the couch.

As you can tell in the background, we have mostly moved EVERYTHING out of the living room except the big pieces of furniture.

Then Katherine, Alan, and E arrived.
E likes our ceiling fan. A whole lot of like. Pretty much like god-worship. He looooooooves it. He got a tour of the rest of the fans in the house too, but this is the big winner for him. He's adorbs. Just simply adorable.
Beast is helping put shoes on before the departure. They got along famously. Really well. E is at the age of "never met a stranger" and that's a blast. I got lots of cuddles and read 5 books to him. Even Sparky got cuddles:
Yes, that's my idiot son holding someone his mental age. Seriously, he does love kids, although he tries hard not to let anyone know. He might make a decent dad someday. E cracked him up today, several times to the point of Sparky's breathing being seriously inhibited.

Now, we've gotten the dining room emptied. The living room stuff, I guess, will go tonight or maybe tomorrow morning? I'm not sure what the details of the plan are. Beast is leaving for Michigan after the construction guys get here tomorrow. Sparky will be GCing since I have to work.

We got a call about an hour ago from Del saying he's got water seeping into his house (in Dallas), so he's postponing his trip here this week. He needs to get his son (Ham) over to help install a French drain; I have the sense that he's screwed up his back working on rehabbing one of his bathrooms this past week, so the drain installation is beyond him. Anyway, he won't be here till later next week.

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amy said...

LOVE the pictures. And the cuddles, giggles, and stories. LOVE.

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