Sunday, May 24, 2015

Home repair

Today's been a weird day. It doesn't feel like Sunday--I worked yesterday, and I have tomorrow off. I went to church, but even that was weird as our pastor is on sabbatical for the summer so we are having guests and backups while he's gone. Like the Supremes but no Diana. was a good sermon.

Then I came home and we started moving the smaller things out of the living room and dining room in preparation for the guys' arrival on Tuesday to repair the damage from Beast's last escapade. Tomorrow Katherine and Alan and baby E are coming over for a few hours of family time, and after they're gone we'll move out the big furniture: couch, dining room table, etc.

Sparky graduated two weeks ago today, so he's been home since then trying to get his "adult life" started. Going through all the crap in his bedroom, sorting and tossing out stuff, and on the phone endlessly about jobs, apartments and friend drama. There's a girl...young woman. He has been a trouper, but he so very desperately wants to be O.U.T. and on his own. Not enough to be going door-to-door looking for jobs, though; that's notable. And he still has to finish one class this fall, so he can't get a full-time 'normal' job unless they're ok with him bailing for a few hours a week for 16 weeks.

This week, Beast is back on the road. He'll be in Michigan all week visiting the Mother Ship (his term for this site). The following week he's doing a swing through L.A. and surrounding areas. I'm honestly kind of glad to see him go. Life is much less stressful and worrisome when he's not around.

Meanwhile, this coming Friday, my brother Del is coming to visit because he's got business visits to make in our area. So he'll be using us as Home Base for those for ....some period of time. The day after we found out about this, my nephew James called after 7 months of silence. I wasn't able to pick up the phone, so he texted: "call me omg" which could mean anything from "I'm engaged!" to "Dad died!" to "I just crushed my hand between a forklift and a wall and I'm calling from the ER!" None of the above as it turned out; he is closing on a house, moving in this coming week, and has invited us up to 'inspect' (a.k.a. ooh and ahh over) it next Sunday. Del wanted to see him and Don while he was in the area anyway, so we'll just make it a family thing.

(It just occurred to me that I'm probably supposed to let Katherine et al. know, which is tricky since Del surely wants nothing to do with seeing her, so I wasn't going to tell her that he was here, but now that James has this house thing, I have to tell her that...holy shit, I'm still in high school! This is why [my?] family is so fucking annoying. Guess I'll just lay it all out tomorrow and let the chips fall, etc.]

Work Frustrating. Explosively irritating. I'm doing better at Keeping My Mouth Shut and Being Nice to Coworkers (smh) and I got a decent annual performance review last month at the end of our fiscal year. Aside from the BS that I have to be nicey-nicey while other people can bark and snap, it's actually going pretty well. So behind in cataloging it's no longer an issue to anyone but me, I guess, but I think that's just life. We're under a city-wide hiring freeze due to our new governor's political maneuvering, and we're short about 1 FTE person which means we're all pitching in more than usual. Life goes on. And on

Beast informed me late last week that he's pretty sure that I've developed apnea. He says that since my surgery in early February, I've gotten substantially more snore-y and stop breathing briefly at night only to start back up with a snort. So I've called my doctor to schedule a sleep study. I think the doc is also going to make me start taking insulin or at least start monitoring my glucose level very closely. It would be useful if I would stop eating so much crap. Maybe I'll take him up on signing up with the medical practice's diet-and-nutrition program.

Two of my nieces--Katherine and Marguerite--are pregnant again. M is due in the next 3 weeks and K is 'officially' due in October, but she will probably go in early and be induced because of this.

So that's the update.

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amy said...

Good gravy. That's a lot of stuff going on! Good luck with the sleep study, and the medicine, and work, and Sparky, and and and.
{{{huge hugs}}}

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